project description

VANESSA - Validation of Numerical Engineering Simulations: Standardisation Actions


Engineering simulation is an essential feature of the design and manufacture of all engineered products at all scales. However, such simulations are not routinely validated, at least in part because technology for rapid, cost-effect validations has not been available. Two previous pre-normative European projects, SPOTS and ADVISE, have led to the development of appropriate methodologies. The goal of the VANESSA project is to establish the validation methodology and the associated calibration procedures within a standards framework and to promote the adoption of the methodology within the European industrial and scientific communities. It will deliver a CEN Workshop Agreement on the validation of computational solid mechanics models using strain fields from calibrated optical measurement systems. It is expected that this innovative approach to design validation will be taken up by EU industrial base leading to a strengthening of the position of European industry. The technical approach embedded in the validation process has the potential to stimulate improved quality control for the process chain from design, through production and certification, to service and maintenance.