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VANESSA - Validation of Numerical Engineering Simulations: Standardisation Actions

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The goal of the VANESSA project was to establish a validation methodology and the associated calibration procedures within a standards framework, and to promote the adoption of the methodology within the European industrial and scientific communities.  Successful accomplishment of this goal has been evidenced by achievement of the following scientific and technical objectives:

  • To conduct international inter-laboratory studies (ILS)  to evidence that the reference material - for calibration of optical systems for strain field measurement -, and the validation protocol - for computational solid mechanics models - form a solid basis for standardization.
  • To prepare a CEN Workshop Agreement on validation of computational solid mechanics models using strain fields from calibrated measurement systems.
  • To raise awareness in the EU industrial base and international engineering community of the validation protocol through a programme of knowledge exchange and dissemination.
Partners include research laboratories, finite element analysis experts, instrument suppliers, and industrial end-users from the aerospace, automotive, and energy sectors.



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